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About us

Sharing our passion for 100% plant-based Bavarian food

Bringing Bavaria to the UK

Hi, I am Britta and recently moved to Birmingham, UK from Munich. During many visits of vegan fairs in the UK, trying many indulgent, interesting and exotic foods I realized something was missing. Bavarian food! And so the idea of Bavarian Bites was born!

Being able to bring a plant-based version of hearty Bavarian food recipes handed down from my grandmother and mother to the community  is what Bavarian Bites is all about. I believe that my dishes will be enjoyed by vegans and non vegans alike. 

When asked why I embarked on this adventure and where I get the energy from ,my only response is, that I am  as passionate about food as I am passionate about leading by example and living as ethical, cruelty-free and environmentally conscience as possible. It is within all of our responsibility to make a conscious effort, and I want to show that this does not have to be difficult but can come quite natural and be fun and tasty as well!

Britta Chamberlain